Friday, March 13, 2009

Best 2 steps to rejuvenate tired eyes

Have to rally yourself for a night out (or early morning) when you look and feel like who did it and ran? Over 40 skin can be a challenge, but this 2-step eye treatment will help you lose the baggage and perk things up a bit.

1. Take five with Eye Slices.

I've been a fan of these for about a year now--they're gel eye patches that come in their own compact and can be re-used several (up to 10) times. The gel patches actually act as a trans-dermal delivery system to provide the moisturizing, soothing and firming benefits of aloe and peptides--and also Biodynes TRF, which the company describes as "a stressed/live yeast cell lysate (LYCD). LYCD was first used in an over the counter hemorrhoid product under the Preparation H® (Whitehall Labs) brand name". Yes, hemorrhoid cream--long a cult fave for undereye puffiness. Eye Slices aren't in stores--only in some spas, but you can find Eye Slices online for $20/pair here. The key with Eye Slices though is to make sure you take at least 5 minutes to recline and wear them over your eyes. You'll feel the cooling sensation immediately and they do work.

2. Slather on a tacky eye gel.

Sounds a bit gross, but "tacky" is what you need. Anything creamy or too watery just won't cut it. It's the tacky nature of the gel that provides the tightening effect on your skin. You can use plain ol' aloe vera gel for this, but I like Avon Solutions Eye Gel (formerly Eye Perfector) which you can get on sale for around $6, regularly $12.50.

While it's not a gel, I also like the way Fusion Beauty's Lift Fusion works once it's absorbed--it superficially tightens things up a bit so you look refreshed--don't expect a facelift look--it's not a miracle worker. The downside of Lift Fusion is it's pricey ($140) so look for the smaller trial size that's sometimes available at Sephora before you shell out the money for the full-size. You can also try Lift Fusion Eye Lift for $89, but I've never seen a trial size of it.

One final option that's probably cheapest of all: try Sudden Change Undereye Firming Serum--some drugstores carry the trial size or you can get it here. Warning: it dries quickly and probably has the tackiest feel to it, so it takes getting used to to apply. One option that helps: add a few droplets (a little goes a long way) to your moisturizer and apply that way.

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